Historical Astronomers in Context

Galileo Galilei was born February 15th, 1564 and died on November 15th, 1630. He was an Italian astronomer and made great strides in his field.

Galileo made great strides in astronomy, one of them being the creation of his telescope. This telescope was the best of its time, measuring up to 30x magnification. Galileo also discovered Jupiter’s largest moons after seeing how they revolved around the planet night after night. Furthermore, he studied Venus and its phases which eventually gave further proof that we live in a heliocentric solar system. Source

A historical event that happened in Galileo’s lifetime was the passage of the ship The Mayflower in 1620. This ship was the first ship to transport the English Puritans to the New World. Source Also, in 1576, the Globe Theater was built. This was the first built playhouse in England where many famous Shakespearian plays were performed.  Source 

Shakespeare was an important historical figure in Galileo’s lifetime. He was baptized on April 26th, 1564 and died on April 23rd 1616. Shakespeare was a famous playwright whose works include Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth. Source 

From this reflection, I realized that my timing of history was very off. I always thought that Galileo was alive well before Shakespeare, not them living at the same time. Also, most of the astronomers lived a lot longer than I would have guessed. Most made it to their 70s which is very surprising for people who lived 400 years ago.

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