Titan is one of the biggest moons in the solar system, and is the most similar object to Earth. The icy world is second in size to Jupiter’s Ganymede and is larger than the planet Mercury.

From Universe Today

Titan is very unique in that it is the only moon to have a dense atmosphere. Like Earth, the atmosphere is made up of mostly nitrogen, except this moon also has methane. Standing rivers, lakes, and seas can be found on Titan; the only other place this is found is on Earth. There is also an earthlike cycle of liquid evaporating to clouds and raining back down to the bodies of water. Lastly, Titan has a very similar tilt as the Earth which results in seasons, but because of Saturn’s long revolution around the sun, seasons last about 7 Earth years.

Astronomers think that Titan formed early in the formation of the solar system. Titans nitrogen isotope ratio is similar to comets in the Oort Cloud, and was formed in the same nebula that the Sun was formed in. Titan is also thought to have 5 primary layers of rock, a shell of water ice, salty liquid water, an outer crust of water ice, and a final layer of organic molecules of sand and water. Source


  1. Campbell Flower · March 13, 2019

    I really liked your post! I especially like the approach you took in comparing this moon to Earth and highlighting these two worlds’ similarities. I definitely would not have expected a moon to by the most similar world to Earth (a planet) in the solar system. I wonder if astronomers think Titan would be able to sustain life, not that we would be able to reach this faraway moon anytime soon. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Katie · March 13, 2019

    This is so cool that there is a layer of liquid water. Is this what the rivers, lakes, and seas that you mentioned before are made of, or is it some other substance on the surface of the ice layer? I wonder if some time in the future we will send probes to drill to the water layer and see if there is life there.


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